Haha ! Gotcha !!

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Hey hey !! two news tonight !!

What a jack in a box !! hahaha !

one is a comic page of a new story coming from my creat... tortur... useles... hmm.. from my discontinued mind :)
It's not the story of a man and a wolf ! no ! it's not !! noway !


Ah !

No !

Talking about the end of a world... but... er... you will probably never see the beginning of this end... i'm gone die before... hahahaha...

yeah... particular sense of humor... SILENCE ! I KILL YOU !

What do i have with caps lock tonight ?


The other one is a rapid sketch...'bout a situation.... 'bout a girl a wish i could knew.... ar ! why everything is always so sexual ? hey ? what do i'm sayin' ?

Come into our bed Lucile ! It's big enough !!!

We'll talk later !

Oh she makes me crazy...

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Sandrine 04/01/2009 20:42

Pas de commentaire sur le "rapid sketch" ... :)
Par contre la planche est super intéressante, à quand la suite ?!?!?
Et sinon, je te souhaite une Bonne Année ... pleine de projets ! :)